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H2Global and the First Movers Coalition: a new partnership to support the acceleration of hydrogen production

900 million euros for the market ramp-up of green hydrogen

Hintco went live with the first tender!

Towards a True Hydrogen Partnership between the EU and Hydrogen Exporting Countries

So geht Energiewende, Wie Grüner Wasserstoff unsere Zukunft sichert – Dr. Kirsten Westphal

Interview mit Kirsten Westphal - Das Gasmagazin

Now is the time to get hydrogen off the ground in Europe – illuminem

Porträt von Markus Exenberger – Tagesspiegel

Interview mit Timo Bollerhey – Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg

Interview mit Kirsten Westphal - TableEurope

Die Wasserstoff-Pioniere – WirtschaftsWoche

How to deliver on the EU Hydrogen Accelerator

H2Global and THE: Cooperation agreed to support the ramp-up of the hydrogen market

Wirtschaftsminister Habeck signalisiert weitere Unterstützung für H2Global-Stiftung

New German government gives the go-ahead for the H2Global initiative

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